A woman is sentenced to 30 days in prison for coughing in the face of another in the US

Updated Friday, April 9, 2021 – 20:42

At the time of the events, the victim was undergoing treatment for a brain tumor and with immunodeficiency

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A woman who deliberately coughed on another in a shopping center in Jacksonville – northeast Florida, United States – in an incident that was recorded in a video that was made viral, was sentenced to 30 days in jail, local media reported this Friday.

Debra Jo Hunter duty then comply six months of probation and take an anger management course, in addition to paying a fine of $ 500, Judge James Ruth ruled Thursday.

Hunter had agreed to plead guilty in March after being arrested for coughing in the face of Heather Sprague, a woman undergoing treatment for a brain tumor and with immunodeficiency, during an incident that occurred in June 2020 in a shopping center.

The woman I was not wearing a mask unlike his victim, and when he saw that Sprague was recording her with his cell phone, he approached her directly and coughed in front of the camera.

Sprague reported the incident to the police and posted the video on social media, which immediately went viral.

During Thursday’s hearing, a tearful Hunter, according to local News4Jax channel, pointed out that your “mistake” affect your family for the rest of their lives and that their children keep losing friends.

“I often wonder what it would be like if each of us, as imperfect human beings that we are, we would have our worst moments reduced to a short video for the whole world to see and judge, “he added.

At the hearing, members of her family and close associates testified in favor of the sentenced woman.

On her turn, the victim said the encounter left her “stunned and fearful”, and that she was concerned for the health and safety of her children.

The magistrate noted that at the hearing he heard Hunter about how the event affected his family, but not a repentance for the impact it had on the victim and the risks of his action.

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