Test the resistance of Apple devices It is a habit that has become common in recent years, with each new launch of the brand. Of course, those responsible for producing these events are not normal users, but mostly youtubers who seek to generate views and can replace the device in case of irreparable damage.

With every new Apple release and generally from any tech device, we see amazing content on what not to do at home. Regarding this type of event, recently from imore they remembered a video made by youtuber TechRax, in which he launched an iPhone from a height of 90 meters.

Although Apple introduces products that are increasingly resistant to shocks, screen damage and water depth, there are those who create extreme situations to check the company’s specifications. And although in most of the times Apple tends to stand well, there is evidence that damage is inevitable.

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This was the case in 2019 when they presented a video from the YouTube channel TechRax in which an iPhone XS was thrown from the top of a ladder spiral 90 meters high. The test left the phone unusable, but to the surprise of the audience, the protagonist of the production himself was surprised to see that the iPhone had not withstood the damage.

If it is true that the iPhone is superior in many features, every day products from other brands emerge that are a reference in various functions of mobiles. However, none have managed to make a device resistant to a fall at so many meters high and probably will not do it in a long time. So back then and if I tried again, TechRax expects too much from an iPhone.