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It was time to receive a good dose of rock & roll to receive 2021 and AC / DC are the ones to bring it. The group also joins the January premieres with a new video loaded with a lot of attitude and, of course, those powerful riffs so distinctive that we like them.

Brian Johnson, Angus Young and company have just shared the official video for “Realize”, one of the disco songs Power up which came out in November of last year. And the truth is that this clip, as simple as it may seem, had a lot of work behind it.

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The new AC / DC video

Rock wasn’t dead, it was just waiting for you AC / DC will detonate it one more time. It took more than six years for the legendary Australian band to embark on the launch of a new record production … and the wait was worth it.

After some rather complicated years in which Johnson left the band for a while and the unfortunate death of Malcolm Young, the group returned in 2020 with everything and a new album to show that they’re still as electrifying as ever. And if you needed to check it out, just take a look at his new material and a look at his latest video, “Realize“.

Photo: YouTube Capture

On this occasion, we see the members of the band (along with Stevie Young, nephew of Angus and Malcolm who replaces the latter) touch inside a film set with the image completely in black and white. And as the style could not be missing, there is also a wall made up of many huge Marshall amps. However, while it looks like a simple clip, it was more elaborate than it looks.

The five members were in different parts of the world, so the co-directors Clemens Habicht and Josh Cheuse they managed to move to each site, take shots of each one and ‘put the puzzle together’ in an energetic video. Here you can check the audiovisual so you know what we are talking about.

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The success of ‘Power Up’ and the influence of Malcolm

The launch of Power up last November allowed, as Consequence of Sound indicates, AC / DC to sneak into number one spot on the Billboard 200 during the first days of its premiere. And it is that this achievement is sure to be enjoyed more by the members of the band given that this is a very personal album, in terms of composition.

After releasing the material, we had the opportunity to chat with Angus Young and Brian Johnson. The latter, detailed that the new album is, in some way, a tribute to the late Malcolm Young. “When we started planning the album, from the beginning We knew this was going to be a tribute to Malcolm, and I think that feeling rubbed off on everyone in the room. ” said the singer.

For his part, the guitarist revealed that many of the songs on this new album were composed with his brother. “Malcolm and I spent a few good years off … SWe kept producing songs and we had so many, even before we did ‘Black Ice’, that we just packed thems. I knew we had so much good material but sometimes I forget, and Malcolm definitely wanted this to see the light. ” Here check out the interview we had with them.

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