According to CodinGame, 80% of HR professionals recruit developers without diploma training

Founded in 2014, the Montpellier start-up CodinGame has become the benchmark platform on the developer recruitment market. It connects qualified developers with companies looking for the best talent.

Bringing together a community of today more than 2 million developers spread over 175 countries, CodinGame has made itself known through the online programming challenges it organizes to identify the best coders. It announces more than 1,000 international customers, including, among the latest partnerships signed, Facebook, Axa, Sopra Steria, France TV and Accenture.

On January 14, the start-up publishes its 4th annual report on the developer profession, after having interviewed more than 15,000 developers and tech recruiters around the world. A report which takes stock of the training courses, the profiles sought and the evolutions of the market with, opposite, the opinion of the HR professionals reflecting the recruitment practices and the employment needs of the sector.

Video conferencing recruitments

The first lesson drawn from this report is the very clear shift in companies towards teleworking, which has taken place following the global Covid-19 pandemic, which has proven to be a real catalyst for the dematerialization of organizations.

While the CodinGame 2020 survey pointed out that only 4% of companies surveyed allowed 100% remote working last year, this year, ” more than 48% of employers say they offer full-time teleworking for tech jobs, and 86% of developers say they are very satisfied with this way of working “.

The health crisis has also had consequences on recruitment methods, dematerializing the processes. According to the report, 52% of tech professionals are recruited through procedures that take place 100% remotely, including job interviews.

“Companies have had to adapt and today there are hardly any face-to-face interviews, even if this is what recruiters and candidates prefer to focus on, observes Laure Barral, co-founder of CodinGame with Frédéric Desmoulins and Nicolas Antoniazzi. The tools for videoconferencing recruitment have exploded. Over the past eight months, more than half of the respondents have switched to remote recruitments. This requires reviewing the process of identifying candidates and passing interviews … Candidates prefer informal interviews or technical interviews in “live coding”.

Desperately looking for DevOps …

Third notable observation: in 3rd position last year in the Top 10 CodinGame of the most sought-after tech professions, DevOps profiles (software developer and systems administrator) are now at the top of the ranking ahead of back-end and full developers. -stack and are the ones that HR professionals believe they will have the most difficulty recruiting by 2021.

“Most of the activities have moved online and this profile, which was already in great demand, has risen to the top of the basket”, supports Aude Barral.

The business has indeed experienced very strong demand in recent months, in particular for conducting software tests and monitoring the performance of remote servers in times of health crisis when the performance of web infrastructures has become crucial.

A greater place for autodidacts

In a context of a shortage of tech professionals, the report reveals an important development in the recruitment process: it seems that the sacrosanct engineering degree is no longer the ultimate key to starting a career as a developer.

The study thus reveals that nearly 35% of developers consider themselves to be self-taught (having learned in particular via free resources such as books, online tutorials, Youtube channels, etc.) and that companies are giving them more and more space. high in their job offers since 80% of the HR professionals questioned declare that they recruit developers who do not have diploma training.

“Until a short time ago, companies remained focused on engineering schools with a minimum of professional experience, ie more traditional profiles, confirms Aude Barral. In addition, the way in which developers are trained evolve with alternative training, MOOCs, bootcamps, short training courses, 100% online training, etc. HR realizes that there are interesting profiles outside the criteria grids. “

JavaScript, Java and Python are, for the third consecutive year, the programming languages ​​most used by tech professionals, more than half of the developers mastering these 3 languages.

Attract and retain

How is the tech market approaching this year 2021, still subject to the vagaries of a health crisis which we do not know when it will end?

According to the CodinGame report, the majority of companies surveyed (64%) plan to recruit up to 50 developers this year. Some recruiters, however, have more ambitious recruitment goals: 14.4% of HR teams plan to recruit between 50 and 100 developers, and 13.5% hope to be able to recruit more than 100 developers in 2021.

When asked about the areas in which they want to mobilize their investments for 2021, companies say they want to focus their efforts on their ability to attract and retain talented developers.

On the salary side, the highest paid developers work in the security sector, followed by the new technology and insurance sectors.

“There is a difference of about $ 15,000 in annual compensation between developers who work in the sectors that pay the best, and those who work in sectors such as public administration or IT service companies,” point report.

With an average annual salary of $ 74,585, software architects are, for the second year in a row, the highest paid tech professionals, closely followed by data scientists. These two professions have average annual salaries in excess of $ 55,000.

Balance and flexibility

While 44.4% of developers are open to international mobility, more than half of them also prioritize looking for a new position in the city where they live. At the same time, 36.5% of tech professionals are looking for international candidates. “Will this figure increase in 2021, with the generalization of teleworking? Asks the report.

“Developers are placing more and more importance on work-life balance, and even the attraction of a very attractive salary is not enough to change their mind,” answers Aude Barral. Tech recruiters should take this into account when hiring, meeting the needs of professionals who want a more flexible and balanced work environment. “

The leader of the start-up observes that ” lRecruitments were generally frozen in 2020, and there was a recovery from September 2020, because companies are determined to continue their projects ”.

Less evangelization

“Today, there is a better understanding of online recruitment tools on the part of companies, we have less to evangelize, while there are still only a few months, they did not use this type of tools “, she adds.

CodinGame employs 30 people in Montpellier and had a turnover of 2.5 M € in 2019. Aude Barral will not say anything about the 2020 results, except that the start-up “Ends the year with 35% growth against 100% last year”.

The company continues to recruit, “Seven people over the last six months”, specifies Aude Barral, which announces that ” in 2021, CodinGame continues its export efforts, which represent 60% of our turnover today ”.

Innovations in gamification and artificial intelligence games are expected to be presented in the first quarter of 2021.

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