Adidas and Nat Geo present these attractive climbing shoes

Nat Geo is the trademark of one of the world’s oldest organizations in education and science, National Geographic. The company teamed up with one of the biggest manufacturers of sports shoes and apparel, Adidas, to launch its Adidas Nat Geo collaboration.

Although they sell various sportswear, we focus on the Adidas Nat Geo shoes. They are based on the Adidas Terrex Swift R3 model, lined in Gore-Tex, which guarantee both protection and comfort.

Describe Adidas on your portal: “Nature is a masterpiece. Get a closer look at it in the new collaboration with National Geographic: high-tech gear for energetic explorers. Made with your next adventure in mind.”

The two iterations presented play with the colors white and gray, in addition to the characteristic yellow of the Nat Geo brand (the famous yellow box). They use special cleats for climbing, furthering the adventurous style of each expedition reviewed by National Geographic.

They have an airy, yet resistant construction, essential for movement on rocky and uneven terrain.

“The shoes maintain the noticeably stylistic objectives of the entire Adidas x Nat Geo line (…) without frills or complications. Hard to complain. That really applies to the entire line,” he says. highsnobiety in his web page.

The union of Adidas and Nat Geo, in favor of sport and adventure

It is not the first time that National Geographic has made an alliance with shoe companies. In the past he did it with Vans and Reebok, with results as attractive as the Adidas Net Geo.

adidas natgeo

Currently, Adidas Nat Geo shoes are available on regional Adidas portals, but the collection is expected to expand further in the coming weeks.

“It’s an ingenious demonstration of what it takes to bring two brands together and create something that cleverly weaves their respective codes into one cohesive collection,” Highsnobiety says. “It won’t set the world on fire, but it’s also about as engaging and useful as this kind of collaboration could be. It’s worth appreciating.”