After speaking out against China’s treatment of Uyghurs, Boris Johnson warns of “reckless sinophobia”

“I do not want this country or this government to waver towards a position of thoughtless sinophobia”, he declared before a committee bringing together the presidents of the various parliamentary committees. “There is a balance to be found,” he added.

On Tuesday, denouncing Beijing’s “barbarism” towards Uyghurs, the British government announced measures to prevent goods linked to the alleged forced labor of this Muslim minority in the Xinjiang region from reaching British consumers.

He also angered China by speaking out against the controversial Hong Kong national security law, seeing it as a serious violation of the Sino-British treaty on the handover of the former British colony to China in 1997. .

Chinese equipment manufacturer Huawei, accused of espionage by Washington, has been excluded from the British 5G network. A bill to this effect was presented to Parliament in November.

Boris Johnson, however, considered it possible for the United Kingdom to maintain bilateral relations with China.

“I want a world where we can have good relations with China, where we can interact with China and speak openly with China,” he said. “Speaking frankly and denouncing human rights violations shouldn’t prevent us from having a productive relationship, when possible.”

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