After Utah and Romania, a mysterious monolith on a British island

A mysterious metal obelisk has been discovered on a beach on the Isle of Wight, in southern England, after similar finds in the US state of Utah and Romania, which shake social media. Supporting photos, witnesses told British media they discovered the strange building on Compton Beach, on the island’s west coast, over the weekend.

These findings have gone viral on social media, with many noting similarities to the bizarre alien monoliths greatly accelerating humanity’s progress in the sci-fi classic “2001: A Space Odyssey”, a film by Stanley Kubrick and a novel by Arthur C. Clarke.

These sparkling structures then disappeared as mysteriously as they had appeared.

A similar building was discovered in mid-November on the red soil of the Utah desert by astonished local officials who flew over the area to identify the bighorn sheep. He disappeared a few days later, and two other glittering works subsequently appeared in Romania and Southern California.

A collective called The Most Famous Artist and based in New Mexico claimed authorship of the Utah monolith, posting an image of the work on Instagram, and offering it for $ 45,000 (around 37,000 euros).

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