Aguado defends the decision not to rehire health workers who refuse to go to Zendal: “It is not retaliation”

He Vice President of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, has defended the measure taken by the Ministry of Health of the region of do not hire toilets who refuse go to the new pandemic hospital, Nurse Isabel Zendal, has already clarified that “This is not retaliation.”

The situation worsens in our country and several Communities have already announced new measures and their tightening throughout this week, while other autonomies such as the Community of Madrid (extension of restrictions to more areas), the Balearic Islands (closure of hotels in Mallorca) and Andalusia (which returns to the perimeter closure, advances the curfew at 22 and closes the hotel business at 18) have done so throughout the morning of this Friday.  Galicia has also done it, which has extended its perimeter closure until January 31.

Interviewed in The hour of the 1 of TVE, the vice president has clarified that this decision comes from the Ministry of Health, but has justified it by saying that at this time the Madrid Health requires the “maximum possible mobility”.

“I don’t think it’s retaliation,” Aguado said. “You have to understand the moment in which we are, we need that mobility to take place. “

The Community of Madrid has ordered that it is not allowed to renew contracts to health professionals incorporated as a reinforcement due to the pandemic that refuse to be assigned to the Zendal, which currently exceeds 300 patients.

José Luis Martínez-Almeida, in the Retiro after the ravages of Filomena.

The Ministry of Health has sent the centers a circular, to which Efe has had access, asking the health centers to confirm “not having hired no professional with covid appointments ” that he had renounced his assignment to Nurse Isabel Zendal, as dictated in the instructions sent on December 30 and January 5.

“It is reiterated that no professional may be hired again for any other reason if he has previously resigned his covid appointment, except that the reason for resignation is an employment improvement. Likewise, it is recalled that professionals who resign due to their affiliation to the Isabel Zendal Nurse Emergency Hospital will not be able to continue providing service in the center of origin “, says the circular.

In addition, a “supporting report ” in cases of non-compliance with this instruction by health centers.

On TVE, Aguado has indicated that “those people who are hired to reinforce against Covid have to have that availability.” “We need to have enough flexibility to reach all places, especially Zendal “.

Aguado has not clarified if the square that a health worker leaves in his health center of origin to go to Zendal is covered. “What is sought is to try to reorganize, and if they remain holes look to see if it is necessary to cover that vacancy. “

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