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In 2015, the PRO, the UCR and the Civic Coalition formed an electoral coalition called Cambiemos. After almost six years, a new election finds them in the same space, now called Together for Change. But, as back then, there are no prior rules on how the lists should be assembled or negotiated for the elections.

From the different sectors they recognize that it is still too early for there to be determinations, but the talks have already begun. In this instance there are several points to pay attention to. First of all, the rules of the game: By the end of 2020, government sectors questioned the implementation of the PASO.

At the moment there were no determinations, so we work with what is today. That is, with what the calendar with the primaries will be maintained. This is an issue that can be crucial, since it orders the opposing offer. If there are districts in which there is no agreement, this could be used.

The intention, equally, would be In principle, seek agreements to achieve unity lists made up of members of the three parties that make up the alliance. Some districts look more complex than others, as leadership is not clear or obvious. Entre Ríos is one of them. The radical Atilio Benedetti He is the historic candidate, with victories in legislative and defeats in executive. But Rogelio Frigerio, a former interior minister, could finally seek to compete in the district. There have been differences between the two and they could resort to the STEP if they do not arrive at a unit list.

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The lower house is preparing to resume activity before the end of the first month of the year, at the request of Alberto Fernández, who urged to speed up the processing of projects in Congress


In Deputies, Together for Change it renews 60 of its 115 deputies. They correspond to those who were elected in 2017, when they were official and obtained an electoral victory. They must also renew 8 of the 25 senators. In this case, they have had a mandate since 2015. They were very even elections in which Mauricio Macri recently won the ballottage.

While they aspire to improve the numbers of the entire alliance, each party will seek to maximize its own. Will there be a general criteria for the formation of the lists? In principle, no, since it will be defined district by district. In other words, the current legislators who must renew their place are not assured and will depend on what can be negotiated. Each party recognizes strengths and weaknesses: the PRO knows itself to be stronger in the city of Buenos Aires, where it has been in government for 14 years. But not so much in Mendoza and Jujuy, where the governors are radicals and the figures of Alfredo Cornejo and Gerardo Morales rule.

Likewise, it is clear that proper names and what the surveys indicate will have their weight. Elisa Carrió warned that she will compete in the province of Buenos Aires, and the weight of this announcement for the distribution of internal power is undeniable. Likewise, just because you want to compete does not mean that there are no inmates or that you top the list. In fact, it would not be the first time: in 2009, two years after having obtained more than 4 million votes as a candidate for president, she was third on the list of deputies for the City.

On the other hand, one of the novelties that 2021 can bring to Together for Change it is the possibility that there are « mixed » primaries. In 2015, the three parties competed with their own lists. On this occasion, as revealed by the protagonists of each space, internal differences would no longer be marked by party membership, but by other criteria. Being a wide space, very different visions converge: Patricia Bullrich’s search to approach libertarian options is very different from the more progressive narrative of other sectors of the alliance.

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