Aid: a record humanitarian appeal of 35 billion dollars, launched by the UN – .

The number of people in need of humanitarian aid in the world will jump by 40%. The United Nations has launched a record humanitarian appeal of nearly $ 35 billion.

A significant increase

Due to the health crisis in coronavirus causing an unprecedented economic crisis in the world, 235 million people will find themselves in a extreme poverty, note the diary Le Figaro. An increase of 40% is thus observed in one year. The United Nations have therefore launched, on Tuesday 1 December, a humanitarian appeal record 35 billion dollars (29 billion euros) for 2021.

Due to Covid-19

This sum requested by theUN and its partners aim to help some 160 million people, out of 235 million, in 56 countries. They are among the most vulnerable facing hunger, conflict, displacement and the consequences of climate change and the pandemic.
During a press conference, Mark Lowcock, Head of Humanitarian Affairs atUN, pointed out that this year the increase is almost entirely due to the Covid-19. “The picture we present is the bleakest we have ever presented in terms of future humanitarian needs“, he added.

Many difficulties

The coronavirus has completely changed the lives of everyone in every corner of the planet, according to theUN. This international organization has observed that those who are already living on a knife edge have been hit hard and disproportionately by many hardships. These include rising food prices, falling incomes, interrupting immunization programs and closing schools.

Extreme poverty

For the first time since the late 1990s, theextreme poverty increased. Globally, life expectancy is falling and the annual number of deaths from HIV, tuberculosis and malaria could double. The United Nations have also warned that multiple famines are on the horizon. “The lights are red and the alarms are sounding“, has warned Mark Lowcok.

Indeed, 270 million people could suffer from acute food insecurity by the end of 2020, or 82% more than before the pandemic. He said people in Yemen, Burkina Faso, South Sudan and northeastern Nigeria are on the brink of famine. According to him, other countries and regions such as Afghanistan and the Sahel, are also “potentially very vulnerable“.

Syria and Yemen topped the list

The Syria and Yemen, ravaged by war, lead the list of countries most in need ofhumanitarian aid. To support millions of Syrians at home and around the world, theUN asks for nearly 6 billion dollars (nearly 5 billion euros). This sum is estimated at nearly 3.5 billion dollars (about 2.9 billion euros) to help some 20 million people in Yemen who are in the grip of the most serious humanitarian crisis on the planet.

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