Airbnb cancels all reservations in Washington during Biden’s inauguration – Latest News, Breaking News, Top News Headlines

Airbnb said it has identified numerous people who are associated with hate groups or who are involved in criminal activity that was recorded on Capitol Hill and have been banned from the platform.

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Washington, D.C.- The digital platform for vacation rentals Airbnb announced today the « cancellation« of all reservations in the Washington area during the week of the investiture ceremony of the president-elect, Joe biden, for prevent the arrival of hate groups to the American capital after the recent assault on Capitol.

« Today, in response to requests from various local, state and federal officials that people not travel to Washington, DC, we are announcing the cancellation of reservations in the city area and will prevent any new reservations in the Washington area. « , the company indicated in a statement in preparation for the inauguration on January 20.

Washington will be reinforced with more than 10,000 members of the National Guard to ensure safety, while the mayor of the city, Muriel Bowser, has asked the public not to attend the celebration or concentrate on the esplanade of the National Mall for fear of new confrontations.

« We will continue to work to ensure that members of hate groups are not part of the Airbnb community, » he added.

The San Francisco-based company stressed that it has identified « numerous individuals who or have been associated with known hate groups or have otherwise been involved in criminal actions on Capitol Hill, and have been excluded from the platform. « 

U.S is experiencing moments of recent unprecedented political tension less than a week before the formal handover ceremony, scheduled for January 20, in which Biden will assume the Presidency.

The US House of Representatives began its session on Wednesday in which it plans to vote for the new impeachment against the president Donald trump after the violent assault on Capitol last Wednesday of a mob of his followers, in which five people died.

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