Airbus expects record production of the A320 from 2023!

With the outbreak of contaminations all over the world and the spread of new variants of Covid-19, air traffic is still so depressed at the start of 2021. It will remain so for a long time as long as vaccination has not allowed to achieve sufficient herd immunity or if a variant of the coronavirus capable of withstanding vaccines were to appear in the coming weeks. For the moment, pharmaceutical companies assure that this is not the case, even for the South African variant considered to be more toxic. For the time being, therefore, most air carriers continue to count on a recovery next summer. This is also the pattern of Airbus, which confirmed six days ago its intention to increase production rates in the second half of this year for aircraft of the A320 family only. Indeed, all players in the sector agree that the resumption of air traffic will primarily concern the domestic and regional markets. For Airbus, an increase in …

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