AirPods Max have been in development since the original AirPods were launched

The launch of the Airpods Max just yesterday, it has already generated any number of reactions on social media. Whether it’s because of its price, design or any other feature or the news that they are sold out until 2021, Apple has gotten everyone talking about the new headphones.

AirPods Max pink
AirPods Max pink

However, among all the comments, one has been noted and revealing details “Secrets” of the AirPods Max.

Apple thought about its AirPods line for a long time

According to a tweet posted from the account of Dinesh Dave, former senior interactive designer at Apple, and now part of the Facebook team, the company has been working on the development of the AiPods Max since 2016, in parallel to the launch of the first generation AirPods.

Although the tweet has been deleted, there was enough time to find out that this was the last unreleased product you worked on at Apple covered by an NDA (nondisclosure agreement). Since the tweet was removed, it may be that talking about them even after they are posted also goes against the signed contract.

The AirPods Max are high-end on-ear headphones, the rumors of which began in early 2018, by Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. From then until a few weeks ago, they all referred to these as the AirPods Studio.

While Apple or any other company is not expected to release a device overnight, the information published by Dave does give us an idea of ​​how far the company works on its product roadmap.

And of course, it arouses the curiosity to know what Apple will be thinking today for the next four years and it confirms or why and go from the rumors and known patents, we hope so much for augmented reality glasses or a folding iPhone.

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