Alain Finkielkraut removed from LCI after his comments on the Olivier Duhamel affair

The French philosopher believes “that a teenager is not the same thing” as a child in the context of incest.

VSChronicle of the show “24H Pujadas” broadcast on LCI, the philosopher aroused the reaction of many viewers and associations after comments on the Duhamel affair, the famous political scientist is indeed accused of incest in the work of the jurist Camille Kouchner, “La Familia grande”.

The management of the channel decided to part ways with him.

“We are in a victim society” he began. “Was there consent? At what age did it start? When we try to find out if there was consent or a form of reciprocity, we immediately come across you ”

David Pujadas then interrupts him to tell him “that it is because we are talking about a 14-year-old child. “

” So what ? First, we are talking about a teenager, it’s not the same thing. And in addition, even to specify the crime, it is necessary to know whether there was consent or not. Each time you want to seek specificity, you are more or less accused of complicity in crime, ”retorts the philosopher.

Alain Finkielkraut was dismissed from LCI by the management of the channel after these words.

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