Albert Arenas, Moto3 world champion

Raúl Fernández took victory in the Portuguese GP, and Albert Arenas was proclaimed Moto3 world champion after crossing the finish line in doubtful eleventh position, behind Ogura (eighth) and Arbolino (fifth), their rivals for the title. In the last laps everything got complicated and it almost cost him the championship. He could lose up to eight points with the Japanese and 11 with the Italian, and he yielded seven with Arbolino and four with Ogura.

The Spanish rider had no choice but to trace Ogura’s race, which started just ahead of the Aspar Team rider. During the first laps he followed in the wake of the Japanese, staying at his wheel until he managed to pass him. From that moment he was almost the entire race ahead of his rival in a group of seven drivers, fighting Jeremy Alcoba for second place.

With the passage of the race, Raúl Fernández was distancing himself while Ogura lost steam and watched as Tony Arbolino, who started 27, overtook him nine laps to go. Meanwhile, Albert was still ahead fighting for the podium, but little by little the Italian was cutting back to the Spanish until he caught up with him. During a few laps there was an intense battle between the two candidates for the title.

With five laps to go, everything went wrong for Albert Arenas, that he seemed to have everything under control up to that point. When it seemed that Ogura was out of the battle, suddenly the Japanese rallied, overtook him and caused a final heart attack. The Spaniard was last in the group of several pilots who were fighting for fifth place. Arbolino went a bit in the last laps and finished fifth, while the Japanese crossed the finish line in eighth position.

After an intense final, not suitable for the faint of heart, in which the title was in jeopardy, the Aspar driver finished twelfth. Fortunately the distance with Arbolino and Ogura was enough to sentence the Moto3 championship, yes, not without suffering. He had a bad time but after seeing the checkered flag he released all that suffering that he had inside to celebrate that he was Moto3 world champion.