Alberto de Mónaco receives a new demand for paternity

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In April 2005, the French magazine «Paris Match» published a ten page interview with Nicole Coste, a former Togolese stewardess from Air France, who claimed to be the mother of Alexandre, a secret son of Albert of Monaco (62 years old), a baby of then 21 months and who is now 16 years old.

Alberto de Mónaco with his son Alexandre and his mother – Social Networks

On the other hand, there was Tamara Rotolo, who was the adventure of the prince of a passionate summer love, on the French Riviera, just over twenty years ago and with whom he had a daughter, Jasmine.

Albert of Monaco and his daughter JazminAlbert of Monaco and his daughter Jazmin – Bruno Bebert / Bestimage

Some revelations that did not make his wife too funny, Charlene, with whom he has two twin children Jacques and Gabriella, 5 years.

Alberto de Mónaco and his wife, together with their twin childrenAlberto de Mónaco and his wife, together with their twin children

Now Alberto de Monaco faces a new demand for paternity. A 34-year-old Brazilian woman named Maria S. He claims that he has a 15-year-old daughter as a result of a relationship with the prince and is willing to go to court to get him to recognize her as his daughter. As the “Histoires Royales” website reports, mother and daughter wish to remain anonymous for the time being, despite the fact that they have requested a DNA test to verify this paternity, something that the prince has been refusing for years. For this reason, the girl’s mother has brought him to trial, at a hearing that will take place in Milan in February 2021. “We hope to reach an agreement sooner, because to protect my client’s daughter we must avoid a lawsuit. This process seems unnecessary to me if the problem can be solved with a quick DNA test. Now we have gone to Court after having tried, unsuccessfully, to reach a friendly settlement, “her lawyer told the website.

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