Aldi recalls a batch of its sliced ​​bread following complaints from several customers that they have found plastic inside

The chain of Aldi supermarketshas recalled a batch of their sliced ​​bread from their stores, marketed under the name ‘El Horno de Aldi’, after several customers found plastic scraps inside, as collected Lift-EMV.

The company has announced its withdrawal through a information poster series who has hung in their establishments reporting that “the product does not meet our quality standards.”

Specifically, it is the crustless sliced ​​bread from ‘El Horno de Aldi’ from lot 1202S21 20A, with an expiration date of January 12, 2021 from the supplier Pimad, belonging to Grupo Bimbo.

In the same way, it has asked all customers who purchase a package said batch to return it to any of its stores to proceed to the Money back.

Aldi you have not clarified the reason for your decision to remove this product from its shelves or to refund the price of the product, although it has spoken this week through its social networks to answer several affected users who denounced with images and videos that they had found plastic remains inside of the slices.

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