Alejandra Rubio’s dart to her aunt, Carmen Borrego, after her reconciliation with Jorge Javier Vázquez

Alejandra Rubio and Carmen Borrego starred in a tense confrontation this Sunday in Live life, the program in which both collaborate, after remembering the reconciliation by Jorge Javier Vázquez with the daughter of María Teresa Campos.

Jorge Javier Vázquez and Carmen Borrego.

The youngest of the Campos clan does not forget the war between his grandmother and the presenter from Saturday Deluxe, who decided to end their friendship, so he did not hesitate to criticize his aunt live for making peace with the Catalan last week.

“I would not have gone for him or as a joke, I do not live in resentment either, but you forget things very soon,” valued the young woman, who received a forceful response from Borrego: “You forget things when you want me to I’ll do it when I feel like it. “

Thus, Terelu Campos’ sister continued to complain about her niece’s attitude: “I don’t know how you can say that in public when you are the one who least forgets, you are much more susceptible than me. And I’m not saying it because of what you do on TV, life is more than what happens here. “

Borrego assured that he does not plan to “open wars”, but his argument was not enough for Rubio, who made his position clear: “If a friend tells me what Jorge has said, the friend is going to take by bag “.

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