Alessandra Ambrosio takes so many sun baths that her skin resented it

The holidays are over and Alessandra Ambrosio is ready to return with her children to Los Angeles. Thus they arrived at Guarulhos airport.

Although Alessandra Ambrosio had enough time to enjoy the beach in Brazil, spend time with her friends and enjoy with her family, it seems that in the end she resisted leaving the sun, because her face looked somewhat hurt.

Although as a model she surely takes good care of herself and is very aware of the importance of constantly applying sunscreen, time goes by quickly when having fun.

Surely this was what happened to the Victoria’s Secret angel, as his forehead showed some cloth marks and his tan was a little more intense than it usually shows.

Surely upon your return home, you will visit your dermatologist with extreme urgency to tell you what precautions to take the next time, as well as to receive appropriate treatment so as not to feel irritation and to monitor that you do not have damage that has aged your complexion.

Although she spent a long time away from home, the model has learned to travel light, since she only carried a carry-on suitcase in tune with her protective mask.

After having dedicated himself to celebrating the end of a complicated year and having devoted himself body and soul to the anniversary of his swimwear brand, he surely has many plans for the next few months and that is why he needs to travel now.

Coming home may mean the end of the fun, but when you have a place to go where you have many winks from the place you miss the most, you don’t feel melancholy or eager to return immediately. Hopefully, it is your case.

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