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Alex Malverde, who was a promoter of the Hip-Hop music scene in Mexico, passed away due to complications from Covid-19. His case is equal to that of millions of people in the country who have lost the battle against the disease, with the difference that Malverde narrated the step by step of his condition, through his social networks.

There were several shady publications that the announcer also made via Twitter, where he thanked everyone for their support, but in which at the same time he hinted at the fear he felt at the growing threat of the disease.

It was during the first days of January that Malverde revealed that he had contracted the disease. Although he said he did not feel bad, the medical reports assured that his lungs were small: “now besides being a small dick, I am a small lung. Chale puta vida, “he wrote.

In just two days, the singer’s situation worsened to the extent that he confessed that he tried to make his bed and felt as if he had done cardio for two hours straight. Later, in another publication, he asked for help to get an oxygen tank, one of the elements that is currently in short supply in the country.

Although his tweets were initially spirited and enthusiastic, they soon turned into posts in which he confessed his fear of not getting ahead: “Send good vibes. I don’t want to die yet. Beware of the Covid ”.

Malverde assured how desperate it is to realize that his life depended on some tubes. He wrote the above referring to the different systems that could provide him with oxygen and that he apparently did not manage to get in time.

In another publication, he spoke about addictions and how many people consume different substances thinking that nothing will happen to them, until they get sick with Covid-19 and realize how their lungs or other organs already have dangerous damage from the disease.

In his last tweet he said he was afraid to close his eyes and not return.

It was finally the early morning of Wednesday, January 13, when Alex Malverde lost his life. The news was released in the hours after his death, thanks to colleagues, friends and acquaintances of the musician, on social networks.

Alex Malverde

Malverde was one of the main promoters of the Hip-Hop and urban genre in Mexico. He is recognized above all for having consecrated the Bastón Band and for being the founder of the independent record label Rich Vagos.

Thanks to Alex Malverde there is also Homegrown Mafia, the trap collective that has brought to light artists like Alemán, who now enjoy international recognition.

alex malverde covid-19 death hip hop homegrown

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