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Ines Sanchez

Alexia Putellas continues to climb the ladder in her professional career. After playing 83 games with the national team, sand joins Jenni Beautiful and Irene Paredes as captain of the Spanish team. A captaincy that will debut in the friendlies against the Netherlands and Mexico that will be played on April 9 and 13.

Captain of Barça and now also of the national team. His first internationality was when he barely I had fifteen years. And he has lived the evolution of the team in all its forms. In fact, he has played the Eurocup in the different lower categories until he made the jump to the absolute. Therefore, has starred in the evolution of La Roja in the first person. He lived through the first World Cup in Canada, with all its ups and downs, and the progression of the World Cup in France. It was also chosen as best player of the She Believes Cup. It remains to be seen if next year, at the European Championship in England, they manage to position themselves as one of the best teams on the continent.

In it Fútbol Club Barcelona is going through a great season, in which she continues to consolidate herself as one of the great players of the team -and of Europe-. It came in 2012, when the section had not yet been professionalized, at a time when it was only coming of age. And the player, year after year, shows her potential. Not only is she one of the greatest game creators of the team led by Lluís Cortés, but also in 20 games played has managed to score 12 goals. Alexia Putellas’ success is replicated on the team. Undisputed leaders of the Primera Iberdrola, semifinalists of the Champions League and twentieth champions of the Copa de la Reina.

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