All About Ben Affleck And Matt Damon’s Movie About Nike And Michael Jordan

Everyone knows that Nike’s big bet was a rookie named Michael Jordan. By 1984, the Beaverton company was in the shadow of giants like Converse or Adidas in the NBA, and, in order to hit the table, signed the Chicago Bulls promise. The rest is history.

But details never hurt, especially if they are presented by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon with Viola Davis among the figures. This is how Air comes to us, the movie about how Nike signed Michael Jordan.

In recent years there have been several productions with basketball as their leitmotif: The Last Dance on Netflix, Jordan’s story with the Bulls stand out; Hustle, with Adam Sandler; the sequel to Space Jam, with LeBron James; o Lakers: time to win, on HBO.

Now Air arrives, and at least by names it causes concern. Even, to know who will play His Majesty of the Air.

Who’s who in Air, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon’s film about Nike and Michael Jordan?

Ben Affleck will play Phil Knight, the owner of Nike (by the way, one of the prominent figures in the photo of LeBron James’ shot to overtake Kareem Abdul Jabbar as the NBA’s leading scorer); Matt Damon will play executive Sonny Vaccaro, and the all-powerful Viola Davis plays Deloris Jordan, mother of the North Carolina rookie.

And Michael Jordan?

Until now there is no representation of the star in the film. Maybe they want to keep it a secret for the premiere, or he definitely just shows up on his back, like in the trailer shown recently.


“Air takes us back to the early days of the Swoosh”, relates Sneaker News, “before they became the giants we know today.”

“Matt Damon takes on the role of Sonny Vaccaro, who led Nike’s quest to sign Michael Jordan during his rookie years. The rest is, of course, history, but what exactly led to that point and what that story entailed is what Air strives to shed light on.”

The premiere of the film by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon is scheduled for April 5 of this year. For the moment we leave you with the trailer of the film.