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One Piece focuses primarily on the Age of Great Pirates that was inaugurated by the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, with his death. The story follows the journey of Luffy, who aspires to reach the Final Island in the Great Line and become the King of the Pirates. On their adventure, Luffy and the Straw Hats have encountered some massive wars that have broken out, for one reason or another.

These wars serve as an important plot point to make the story more engaging and hook readers on what is easily one of the greatest stories ever told.

7 Old Kingdom vs. 20 Kings

The first known war to occur in the world of One Piece took place between 800 and 900 years ago in a period known as the Age of Void. During this 100-year period, the Old Kingdom, known to be a prosperous nation at the time, fought against powerful opposition.

Most of the events of this war are not known, however, the Old Kingdom completely disappeared. What was left was the story inscribed in the Poneglyphs by the Kozuki. Towards the end of the war, the great city of Shandora fell and the 20 Kings created the World Government.

6 Valley of God incident

The Valley of God Incident took place recently when compared to the war against the 20 Kings, which took place on an island known as Valley of God some 38 years ago. This war was fought between one of the major powers in the One Pi ece world, the Rocks Pirates, and a collaboration of the Navy and Roger Pirates.

It is not known exactly how this battle was fought, however what fans do know is that at the end of this event the captain of the Pirates of the Rocks, Rocas D. Xebec, fell to his death. The Rock Pirates broke up and created their own crews. Furthermore, the island of the Valley of God completely disappeared without leaving a single trace.

5 The Alabasta War

The Kingdom of Alabasta was under great threat that started about 7 years ago due to a drought. Eventually, Princess Vivi and Karoo infiltrated the responsible criminal organization, known as the Baroque Works, and found out who the boss was.

Seeking help from the Straw Hat Pirates, the group eventually stops a civil war in Alabasta and thwarts Crocodile’s plans along the way. Luffy takes down Crocodile himself, while the official agents of the Baroque Works are dealt with by the other members of the Straw Hat Pirates.

4 The Skypiea War

During the Skypiea arc, another war broke out, though not on the same scale as Alabasta’s, involving hundreds of thousands of people. This was a war between the God Enel and his forces, the Shandians, the Straw Hat Pirates, and the ancient God Ganfall to get to the God Sanctuary for different purposes.

Once again, the Straw Hat Pirates took center stage and took it upon themselves to end this massive war that could eventually have destroyed Skypiea. Enel was eventually shot down by Luffy and the discord over Upper Yard was finally resolved.

3 Paramount War

The Paramount War is known to be the greatest of all events in One Piece during the Age of the Great Pirates. It was unleashed when Portgas D. Ace was captured by Blackbeard and handed over to the Navy to become a Shichibukai. Ace’s capture brought the Blackbeard Pirates into action and to combat them, the World Government sent the Navy and the Shichibukai.

1,600 men of the Whitebeard Pirates along with 43 allied ships engaged a force in excess of 100,000 at Marineford. Eventually, Portgas D. Ace died, as did Whitebeard, yet the balance of the world only worsened.

2 The Wano Country War

One of the biggest and most anticipated events in the world of One Piece is the ongoing war in the land of Wano. The roots of this war are deeply connected to history and it could be said that it was prophesied that it would eventually happen. After Kozuki Oden’s death, it was revealed that 20 years later, a new generation of pirates will gather in the New World and come to Wano to take down Kaido, leading to events that will divide the seas themselves afterward.

In the war, Oden’s vassals, Zou’s minks, and a handful of pirates of the worst generation allied themselves together to fight Kaido and Big Mom and free the country of Wano from their clutches.

1 The Great Final War

The final war in the One Piece world is going to be what Whitebeard referred to as the Great War at the end of Marineford. This war is likely to occur after Luffy reaches the Final Island, known as Laugh Tale, and becomes the King of the Pirates.

The World Government fears the arrival of this war that could also bring the Dawn and therefore they have done everything possible to avoid it. However, it is bound to happen. Roger’s Pirates arrived too early, but Luffy will be the one to lead everyone in this Great War, which according to Eiichiro Oda, will make Marineford look cute.

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