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The next generation consoles debuted just 2 months ago and although Sony and Microsoft have not announced special editions, fans have shown very interesting initiatives. Precisely the designs of the PlayStation 5 have been the ones that have most attracted the attention of users and several have been released for sale. Among the most recent and most prominent is a black edition that inspired by the retro design of the PlayStation 2 that recently just went on sale. Unfortunately, its release presented so many problems that it was eventually canceled.

A few days ago we told you that the SUP3R5 design, which featured a retro design for the PlayStation 5, would begin its pre-order period this weekend. Well, as soon as it was available, the system was exhausted almost instantly, as it only took 20 minutes for there to be no units available and in a short time the same happened with the custom controls, as reported by Video Games Chronicle.

Due to the high demand for this edition, at the time of making their pre-orders, many users had significant problems with the payment and could not complete their purchases, since the charge was made to their account, but they did not receive the confirmation email of the transaction , resulting in refunds, chaos, and nonconformity.

In case you missed it: a renowned jewelry company released a PlayStation 5 with a design inspired by the rock of gold.

SUP3R5 canceled all orders and international sale of the system

As a consequence, last Friday, January 8, the company said sorry, as it is a beginner and “imperfect” and therefore announced that it would delay the international preorders the next day until later this month and that they would change the way of launching, since in this second attempt would do it gradually, in multiple small runs in order not to overload your systems and avoid these kinds of problems.

However, at the beginning of Saturday, January 9, SUP3R5 reported that there was a radical change in its plans and that it suspended its presale and will cancel all the orders it received, referring that its staff began to receive “credible threats” that put their security.

“We intended this to be a fun way to celebrate shared nostalgia. As it turns out, there are people out there who are willing to interfere with that. If we determine that it is safe to try again, we will do so. For now, please take care of yourselves, ”SUP3R5 commented in its statement.

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Since we are talking about custom editions, we can tell you that another luxurious gold edition of PlayStation 5 was also recently put on sale, only this one is plated in this 25-karat metal.

PlayStation 5 debuted on November 12 in Mexico and other regions and on November 19 it reached the rest of the world. You can find more news related to him if you visit this page.

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