All the Apple products that we would like to see between now and the end of the year

For most, this 2020 has not been the best year. Even so, Apple has managed to meet its commitments and has even secured the launch of the iPhone 12. But not satisfied with this, analysts and followers of the firm have launched their bets on those devices with the logo of the bitten apple, with which the company could culminate a great year.

A new iPhone model, the expected AirTags, new AirPods models and other headphones are some of the launches with which the company is believed could end this 2020.

5 Apple devices that we would like to see in 2020

iPhone SE Plus: After the success of the second-generation budget iPhone, analysts are looking forward to a third version of the iPhone SE in much less time than we had to explain it by the model of this 2020.

According to various rumors, we will see another iPhone SE with a larger body and slightly better specs. There has been a lot of debate about what the iPhone SE Plus will look like, and there is even hope that this will be the first iPhone with a near-unmatched display.

AirTags: Apple made the mistake of leaking its own product in one of its own videos. Since then, we have been waiting for the official announcement of AirTags, which is expected to be a tracking device similar to the Tile, but with an augmented reality function, which takes advantage of Apple’s LiDAR sensor, which will show more exactly the location of the devices. .

AirPods Studio: The AirPods Studio were first spotted thanks to an iOS 14 leak. After that, a ton of new leaks and rumors emerged, including a possible 2020 release date.

But either for this year or later, what is expected is that the AirPods Studio would be the first supra-aural headphones that Apple presents to the AirPod line. They would also improve the noise cancellation that Apple introduced with the AirPods Pro and will include a new ear sensor that will allow AirPods Studio to be used in reverse.

Beats Studio 3 and AirPods.

AirPods:Although Apple’s best-selling products. However, the AirPods lineup feels a bit outdated compared to the Pro version, or even other companies’ headphones. for that reason they are essential in the list of launches with which we hope that Apple culminates this year.

AirPods Pro Lite: For months there has been speculation about the possibility of a cheaper version of the successful AirPods Pro. However, this improvement, which until now is referred to as AirPods By Lite, would reduce benefits such as noise cancellation and sound quality. During March of this year, strong rumors assured that the production of the same would begin in the middle of the year.

Apple Glass: Although the possibility of Apple Glass is almost a utopia for this year, there are those who do not lose hope and have constantly warned about the possibility of an upcoming launch.

Specifically, it has been the popular Apple leaker Jon Prosser who on several occasions has ensured that by the end of this 2020, probably the keynote of the iPhone 12, the glasses could be presented, with a subsequent market launch in late 2021 or the beginning of 2022