Almeida explains the reason why the Christmas lights were turned on in Madrid in full snow

The mayor of Madrid, José Luis Martínez-Almeida has explained that last Friday and Saturday the christmas lights lit up from the capital so that with the heat they give off the snow that was deposited on them would melt

In this way, it would prevent the accumulation of this threw them to the ground.

In statements offered to Cope the mayor has given this explanation “the less curious” and that it was given as a reaction that there were certain lights that had fallen as a result of the accumulated snow.

“We decided that the best thing was to illuminate them so that with the heat they gave off the snow would evaporate and in that way that there was no risk that they could keep falling the lights in the streets, “he assured.

The mayor of Madrid has continued to insist that the people of Madrid stay home given the dangerous situation due to the ice that has formed in the streets.

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