Almost a hundred injured in a new railway accident in Egypt

Updated Sunday, April 18, 2021 – 17:40

Accidents have been recurring for decades in the country without the extensive rail network that runs from north to south being modernized.

Derailed train in Banha, Egypt.Fadel DawoodAP

About a hundred people were injured this Sunday in a new railway accident in northern Egypt, where in the past weeks several events have been registered, including a train crash with a score of dead. The Egyptian Ministry of Health reported that 97 people were injured and so far there are no fatalities in the accident that occurred in the town of Tuj, in the province of Qaliubiya, located in the delta of the Nile (north).

Several carriages of a train that was making the journey between the capital, Cairo, and the city of Mansura derailed, interrupting traffic in both directions, according to local media. At the end of March, the collision of two trains in the Egyptian province of Sohag (south) caused at least 19 deaths and more than 180 injured, although at first the authorities counted more than thirty deaths.

In most cases, accidents are due to human error as well as the poor condition of the railway network and the lack of signaling and safety systems. After the latest tragedy, the Egyptian president promised to apply a “dissuasive punishment” to those responsible, either for “negligence or corruption, without exception or delay” and, so far, six railway workers have been arrested, including the two train drivers involved.

Despite the promises of the authorities to improve the obsolete infrastructure and invest more in this sector, accidents have been recurring for decades without the extensive rail network that runs from north to south of the country being modernized.

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