Alonso responds on the debate of who is better, him or Hamilton

Who is better, Fernando Alonso me Lewis Hamilton? It is the eternal debate in the world of Formula 1 and Alonso himself has spoken about it in an intervention on the channel WTF1, driven by Matt Gallagher and Tom Bellingham, which also featured two motor names such as Rubens Barrichello and Tony Kanaan.

The Asturian continues to be successful in virtual competitions.

“This is a highly sought question: Is Fernando Alonso better than Lewis Hamilton?” Gallagher didn’t beat around the bush and Kanaan did his bit with a “it is in my books.” Alonso, was not so specific in his answer. “It is difficult to compare times and pilots even in the same, because you have to have all the ingredients together to have a fair answer. It is true that having the same car and the same team in a year is a good opportunity to compare drivers. In the end, the score was 109-109. That’s one answer. Many people remember that it was their debut year and that it was not mine, but I can say that I switched to Bridgestone which was a GP2 tire at that time compared to the Michelin we used at that time ”, analyzed the Asturian. “My first three or four races and the winter tests were very difficult on these tires because I had to readjust my riding and so on. This was never something public, because it has no interest. But it’s true: it was his ‘rookie’ year, the Bridgestone change …”.

Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, teammates on the McLaren team in the 2015 season.

Fernando Alonso continued with his explanation. “The luck factor is very important. I think Lewis had the input into the pitlane from shanghai [el incidente de ‘Sanganchao’] In the penultimate race, it was a bad time for him. I had two problems with the gearbox. I started tenth in two races. I had one of the most unfair sanctions in Hungary, with a lock on the pitlane, as they called it at the time. From pole you come 10th in Hungary. And if you lose the championship by one point, that hurts, when it’s because of something like that ”, he alluded to the punishment that the FIA ​​imposed on him for not going out on the track to allow Hamilton to do an extra lap in qualifying, as he is supposed to It was agreed by his team, which denounced him and opened the wound of what would later end up being an announced divorce.

With everything and with that, Fernando Alonso denies having resentment for what happened in that 2007 season, but quite the opposite. “It was 109-109, but now I’m happy to see Lewis’s successes. As we have said, in Formula 1 it is difficult to compare times, Senna, Schumacher, Lewis … They have all been huge in their times, but you need a complete package with the car. Lewis has had it so far and he’s showing it. “

The return of Fernando Alonso to F1

The Alpine F1 that Fernando Alonso and Esteban Ocon will drive in 2021

The Spaniard also tried his return to competition and was eager to return. “Not that he was entirely far behind the wheel. Formula 1 is so big that sometimes people think you forget because you spent two years doing other things. People say, ‘oh my, how are you going to be after two years’, ‘are you going to remember how to drive?’ People are surprised. I’m looking forward to it, but maybe less than the outsiders”.

Of course, Alonso is a classic in terms of tastes and pulls the ‘any past time was better’ when referring to the best times of Formula 1. “I was talking about it with Rubens. We live in the best era of Formula 1. All the manufacturers with Toyota, BMW, Honda, Ferrari … They were all there with great sponsors, great races … I think it was the best moment for pure Formula 1, not only because of the show on the track, but also outside. Driving that car again was a reminder to all of us of what we fell in love with as children, when we watched it on television and listened to those engines. Tony also drove a V10 at Jerez, I think. The three of us have been extremely lucky to drive those cars. It was pure F1 ”.

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