Álvarez de Toledo says that 1-O was “more serious” than the coup attempt on 23-F

The exporter of the Popular Group in Congress, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, has maintained this Tuesday that the referendum of October 1 in Catalonia it was “more serious” than the attempted coup February 23, 1981. And he makes these statements on the 40th day of 23-F.

The PP deputy published a tweet where she compares these events and highlights that the 1-O was “even more serious”. ″ Was it captained by an autonomous government? Did you have the support of public and private media? Were there demonstrations in favor? Did prominent socialists demand the pardon of the coup plotters? ¿Calvo-Sotelo agreed his Government with Tejero? “, Álvarez de Toledo has written on his official Twitter account. “Well that: the 1-O was even more serious than the 23-F”, has settled.

In addition, he has called “ridiculous “ to the partners of the Government after their proposal to the institutional act of Congress with the King, claiming that their objective is to end the “regime of 78”.

The policy of the PP has already begun since the morning of this Tuesday, in an interview in esRadio, in his criticism of what happened in October 2017 because “it could have been the beginning of reconstruction” and “the first stabbing was given by the PSOE that a government agreed with the coup plotters. ”

“The 1-O was worse than the 23-F”said the PP parliamentary exporter, to add that the tribute after 1-O “could not be held today” because Sánchez “is making an agreement with the coup plotters.”

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