The coronavirus continues its ravages in Europe, where the most affected countries are stepping up their fight against the pandemic which has already killed more than 31,000 people worldwide, while in the United States, Donald Trump has given up on closing New York.

The coronavirus continues its ravages in Europe, where the most affected countries are stepping up their fight against the pandemic which has already killed more than 31,000 people worldwide, while in the United States, Donald Trump has given up on closing New York.

(.) – Without a vaccine or proven treatment, more than three billion people remain confined to their homes on Sunday on all continents, willingly or by force. The United States is also hit by a sharp acceleration in the number of covid-19 contaminations, almost half of the approximately 124,000 cases recorded affecting New York State and its emblematic metropolis.

After discussing the quarantine of the states of New York and New Jersey, US President Donald Trump gave it up on Saturday evening. He had initially said he envisaged it, causing an outcry in the New York region. Finally, at Trump’s request, the National Health Authority’s Center for Disease Control (CDC) urged “residents of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut to avoid non-essential travel (to the country ) for the next 14 days with immediate effect ”.

The United States also deplored Saturday the death of a baby under one year old, in the state of Illinois, one of the youngest victims of this disease which generally spares children. Two thirds of the 30,000 deaths are to be deplored in Europe, the most affected continent, Italy far ahead with 10,023 dead (889 in 24 hours), followed by Spain with 5,690 deaths (+832) and France with 2,314 deaths ( +319).

Food stamps

Faced with this worsening, the countries most affected are multiplying the means and measures to deal with this health crisis unprecedented for a century. The head of the Spanish government, Pedro Sanchez, announced on Saturday evening the cessation of all “non-essential” economic activities for the next two weeks, a measure to be approved on Sunday at an extraordinary council of ministers.

In Italy, food vouchers will be distributed to the most disadvantaged, particularly affected by the shutdown of the Italian economy, announced on Saturday evening the Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte. Police were positioned in front of supermarkets to prevent looting in Sicily, after customers tried to leave a supermarket without paying for the food taken, saying they no longer had any money to buy it.

838 dead in 24 hours in Spain

Spain recorded 838 coronavirus deaths in 24 hours, a new daily record after 832 the previous day, bringing the pandemic to 6.528 dead, according to figures released Sunday by the Ministry of Health. The number of confirmed cases reached 78,797, an increase of 9.1% in one day in the second country most grieving by covid-19 after Italy, and which will further tighten the rules of containment.

In France, the government has ordered a billion masks and plans to increase to 14,000 beds in intensive care against 5,000 initially. The epidemic is also accelerating in the United Kingdom, where Prince Charles, heir to the crown, as well as Prime Minister Boris Johnson are contaminated. The death toll exceeds the 1,000 death mark, with 260 new deaths in a single day, according to an official report published on Saturday. “We know things will get worse before they get better,” said Boris Johnson in a letter released by his staff, which will be sent to 30 million households across the country next week. He urged the population to respect the general confinement put in place Monday evening for three weeks.

Equipment is lacking

However, the first effects of containment are beginning to be felt in Italy, the contagion continues to slow slowly. “In all emergency departments, there has been a reduction (in patient arrivals). In some, it is mild, in others more marked, ”said Giulio Gallera, head of health in Lombardy, the region most affected. Good news also in Canada where the Prime Minister’s wife, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau, announced on Saturday evening that she was cured of the coronavirus.

To prevent the contamination of cases of “imported” coronavirus, China has since Saturday temporarily closed its borders to most foreigners and drastically reduced its international flights. Russia, the last major country to have not yet taken any general containment measures, will close its borders from Monday, after having already ordered the closure of its restaurants and most of its shops before a week off. As a result, the streets of Moscow were unusually empty on Saturday.

In New York, as in many places in the world, doctors and healthcare workers are considered heroes, at the forefront of this “war” against the pandemic. But they face a shortage of equipment.

“We have to eat”

“There is both a feeling of hopelessness and of solidarity between us. Everyone is afraid, we are trying to support each other, “said Diana Torres, 33, a nurse in intensive rehabilitation in a hospital in the economic capital of the United States. In the poorest countries, especially in Africa, travel restrictions are complicated to implement and cause a wave of urban exodus, especially in Kenya and Madagascar. Hundreds of Madagascans stretch in single file, leaving behind their capital Antananarivo.

“We stopped working to respect the discipline of confinement, when we have to eat and feed our children,” explains Richard Rakotoarisoa, a 30-year-old father. “For me, it was being unruly or leaving” from the capital Antananarivo. And in South Africa, police fired rubber bullets on Saturday to disperse hundreds of people who crowded outside a Johannesburg store, in breach of confinement.

Faced with another looming economic disaster, the international community is trying to mobilize astronomical sums. In addition to the 2,000 billion announced by the United States, the G20 countries have promised this week to inject 5,000 billion dollars to support the world economy.

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