Amazing remake in Unreal Engine 5 is almost ready and it is spectacular

Ah, The Simpsons Hit & Run. That crazy video game that looked like a GTA installment, but with our favorite yellows. This action-adventure title, which stole the hearts of GameCube, Xbox, PlaySation 2 and Windows gamers back in 2003 could be back, and in a current-gen format.

The game’s story was created by the writers of the series and featured the original voices of each of the characters, both in English and Spanish. The plot of the title followed the Simpson family and the citizens of Springfield, who begin to witness strange incidents in the city, with the aliens Kang and Kodos as responsible.

With generally positive reviews, this video game remains in the memory of many gamers. Unfortunately, FOX has no plans for a remake, but one fan dressed as a savior and has been developing a new version of The Simpsons Hit & Run on Unreal Engine 5. And we’re grateful.

This is what The Simpsons Hit & Run looks like in Unreal Engine 5

According to a report published on the website of Hobby Consolesthe content creator known as reubs developed a remake of the game with Unreal Engine 5, remaking the game from scratch and with modern graphics.

As we can see, this remake shows new textures, reflections and shadows by Ray Tracing. As if that weren’t enough, the developer even planned to add new zones and features like multiplayer.

The video above these lines is just one of several on his channel Youtubein which you can see how he is doing the video game and the recreation of Springfield by hand, respecting the original map.

Unfortunately, due to copyright issues, this will remain a personal work of the youtuber and will not see the light of day. Currently, Electronic Arts has the rights to the franchise created by Matt Groening in terms of video games.