“America First”: Trump Seeks to Secure Vaccines for Americans

15 minutes. The outgoing president of the United States (USA), Donald Trump, signed on Tuesday a decree with which he seeks to apply his doctrine of “America first” to the pandemic, declaring that Americans should have priority access to covid vaccines -19 developed in your country.

Trump signed the decree during a summit at the White House focused on the COVID-19 vaccine, held two days before the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) meets to evaluate whether to approve the vaccine developed. by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer and its German partner BioNTech.

“We want to ensure that American citizens have priority to receive American vaccines, then we will start working with other countries,” Trump said before signing the order.

According to the White House, the decree affects vaccines “developed in the US” or with “resources financed by the taxpayers” of the North American country.

Pharmaceuticals Moderna and AstraZeneca developed their vaccines with the help of US federal funds. This within the so-called “Operation Warp Speed” against the White House pandemic.

Trump and his “America First” Could Hurt Pharmaceuticals

For its part, Pfizer did not receive funding from the US government.

However, Pfizer is based in USA and its vaccine seems to fall under the umbrella of the decree, which calls for ensuring that “Americans have priority access.”

It is not clear how the decree will translate into practice. The White House did not clarify whether it would try to prevent pharmaceutical companies from fulfilling the contracts they have with other countries. That would have a dubious legal basis given the multinational nature of Pfizer and other companies.

A senior US official hinted, in statements to journalists, that the decree is above all a symbolic measure to underline Trump’s isolationist doctrine.

“This reaffirms the president’s commitment to ‘America First,'” the source said.

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