Mexico City. (.) – The President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called Mexicans to stay home to prevent the spread of coronovirus, after having exhorted people for days to go out and live a normal life to avoid a punishment to the economy.

Mexico has reported 717 people infected and 12 deaths from the virus, which has infected nearly 600,000 people worldwide and has claimed the lives of at least 25,000 threatening to trigger a deep global recession.

López Obrador called in a video broadcast on Friday night to “do not go out without there being something really necessary that forces us to leave, the best thing is to stay, we will endure, we will maintain this retreat that will help us a lot if we take care of ourselves. “

“If we do not retreat to our homes, then it can happen, we will shoot up infection cases and we will saturate the hospitals,” said the president.

López Obrador has been harshly criticized for not taking stricter measures to stop the spread of coronavirus.

Its approval fell to 49.6% on Friday, standing for the first time below 50%, according to the daily tracking prepared by the pollster Consulta Mitofsky.

“We are doing well and we have to win,” said AMLO, who maintained that the economy is going to reactivate soon, a position that contrasts with the dramatic contractions that large banks and rating agencies are projecting, which are seeing a collapse this year of up to 7%. by the fall in the price of crude oil and by the tail of the virus.

Just a few days ago, López Obrador said in another video from the southwestern state of Oaxaca that his government was preparing to fight the coronavirus and that people should not be frightened, claiming that Mexicans are very resistant to calamities.

“Do not stop going out, we are still in the first phase (…) I am going to tell you when they do not go out (…) we do nothing good if we paralyze without rhyme or reason,” he said days before.

(Writing Mexico Edited by Javier López de Lérida)



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