President Andrés Manuel López Obrador challenged his critics to refute his “other data”, with which he maintains that the country’s economic situation is not as bad as his opponents assure him. Read: Global value chains that drive Mexican exports

“Regarding the economic indicators, which is important, we are going to give you the subject of criticizing our adversaries, I am going to give you some data to refute them and take out the bad data, and so the debate can be enriched. Experts bet that the train will take us and I maintain that it does not, “he said.

“We say this to enrich the debate in economic terms. I accept the challenge and I am sure that with the method we are applying we will be able to overcome the crisis.”

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At a conference, the President considered that all the forecasts of those who have disqualified his project have failed.

As an example, he maintained that “the forecasts failed” to those who said that the growth of the first quarter would be minus 5 points, since the economy only fell 1.6 percent.

He even boasted as an achievement the increase in remittances sent by fellow nationals working in the United States.

They did not expect the increase in remittances, they kept their eyes square, surprised, 4 billion dollars in the first quarter, sorry, in March, it is the month, “he said.

“In all of history, more remittances and we had already started suffering from the coronavirus, $ 4 billion.”

He said that foreign investment in the first three months of the year was 10 billion dollars, which represents an increase of 1.7 percent, in real terms, compared to last year.

Until yesterday, the collection, from January to May 21, 3.5 the increase in relation to the same period last year, “he reported.

“The price of oil, in a month, from minus zero to $ 27 a barrel. Depreciation of the peso, from 25 pesos per dollar to 23 pesos per dollar.”

AMLO indicators
At a conference, the President boasted some economic figures from his government.

Growth: Drop of only 1.6%.
 – Remittances: 4 billion dollars in March.
 – Foreign investment: 10 billion dollars in the first quarter of the year.
 – Collection: Increase from January to May of 3.5%.
 – Oil price: In a month from zero to 27 dollars a barrel.
 – Depreciation: From 25 to 23 pesos per dollar.