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After President Donald Trump’s activity on social networks was practically eradicated, he came to propose the creation of his own digital communication platform (via). Interestingly, his Mexican counterpart Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) He seems equally ready to launch a local application, akin to Facebook and Twitter, but without all the censorship that — in his opinion — these foreign brands exercise.

During his morning conference on Wednesday, January 13, the current president of Mexico was faced with the question of whether his government was planning to launch a call for app designers to create an “alternative” to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. which (in the words of that journalist) “if they censor us, they practically censor us all.”

In response, AMLO affirmed that he did not rule out a project of this nature, involving institutions such as the National Council of Science and Technology (Conacyt), the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.

«We go on that road. We are not going to stop reflecting, analyzing all this that has to do with social networks«, Added the president. “We care a lot about freedom. Therefore, Yes, it is a subject that will be dealt with by us [a partir del cual] options and alternatives are sought, I clarify, to guarantee freedom, for freedom and so that in Mexico there is no censorship […] So that’s a commitment we have. “

In the same “morning”, AMLO previously spoke of Facebook and Twitter as two US companies that with their “decisions” have caused the Statue of Liberty to turn “green with courage, because it does not want to become an empty symbol.”

“It cannot be that a particular company establishes itself in the world institution – due to its scope – of censorship. Like the Holy Inquisition of our times, in what corresponds to social networks. That cannot be accepted, it cannot be allowed. because that goes against freedom, “said the head of the executive.

Regarding digital platforms, López Obrador also referred to the invasion of privacy, expressing outrage around those private companies that, with no one to control or regulate them, pretend to know “everything we human beings do, our tastes, what we do in public and what we do in private.”

Not oblivious to reproaches previously directed at social networks, AMLO expressed in May 2020 his curiosity to know who would be the bots on Twitter that constantly criticize his government. That comment earned him a very detailed response from the blue bird, which (oh, surprise) fueled the debate among users.

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