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The YouTube channel iFixit has analyzed the remote and found manufacturer documents pointing to it.

The new generation console has been with us for 3 months and millions of players around the world are enjoying the new machines Microsoft Y Sony. In the case of the PlayStation 5, the launch has also had its downsides, like some strange noises from the console (which someone seems to have managed to fix recently) and drift issues on the DualSense.

Now the popular YouTube channel iFixit has made a cutting and analysis on the PS5 controller, in which it suggests that the sticks have a 417 hour lifespan. In addition to the study carried out by this channel, it is also supported by an official document from the manufacturer that says that the sticks that the DualSense has have a durability of 2 million cycles when tilted and 500,000 pulsations in R3 and L3.

Playstation 5

IFixit’s research, in conjunction with that document, results in that supposed life for PS5 controllers. In the video iFixit really explains why the DualSense sticks they have the annoying drift, something that unfortunately we are seeing almost regularly in the controls that are coming out, as for example has happened with the Joy-con Nintendo Switch, something for which Nintendo has several open lawsuits against it.

According to iFixit, from that time on, the drift would appear easily and we would have to have the DualSense repaired. Still, it must also be said that iFixit argues that drift can even appear by the dust that is introduced into the remote control, so it is important to take care of it and store it after use. We’ll see how this issue ends, but Sony is already facing a class action lawsuit over the DualSense drift.

4.5 million PS5s sold

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Beyond the problems, normal at the beginning of the generation, Sony may be very happy because PlayStation 5 is being a sales success. In fact, it is very difficult to acquire one due to stock problems, something that unfortunately seems to last until the summer of this year. PS5 sold, since its launch and until December 31, 4.5 million consoles worldwide.

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