An Artificial Intelligence imagines what Nike shoes would be like about the saga

The Matrix, the saga that added a legion of followers since the late 90s, is the basis of Artificial Intelligence to imagine Nike shoes. So we can enjoy, thanks to Midjourney, what would a pair of soccer shoes look like, but designed in the style of the film series.

Starring Keanu Reeves, The Matrix has four films since 1999: in addition to The Matrix, there are the Reloaded, Revolutions and Resurrections versions, some more successful than others.

Paul Parsons, the renowned designer who has more than 138,000 followers on Instagram ( a set of images of sneakers inspired by famous movies.

Let’s remember how the Midjourney software works: the user enters a textual description of the image he needs and Artificial Intelligence produces it, with greater or lesser accuracy.

In this case, Parsons also adds several design details, posting the final image on his Instagram account.

This is what the renowned designer has done in other posts on his account, with sneakers inspired by DC and Marvel productions, aged or infantilized footballers, and even alternative versions of characters like Harry Potter.

We highly recommend following him, to enjoy his work.

These are the Nike shoes created by Artificial Intelligence Midjourney and inspired by The Matrix

The shoes work with the futuristic style of The Matrix saga, the so-called digital rain, with a predominantly black color and green details. Nike’s signature swoosh is also outlined in green, against a black background.

These shoes follow the style of the Mercurial, one of the most current models, like those used by Kylian Mbappé.

Parsons’ post, where other sneakers inspired by more movies besides The Matrix appear, exceeded 12,800 likes.

What do you think about this model? Should Nike ever take it into account to market it?