An egg weighing 182 grams, collected in a town in Badajoz, has become the largest in Spain

An egg weighing 182 grams and 19 centimeters wide, collected in Cabeza del Buey, in Badajoz, it has managed to win the record for the largest egg in Spain, surpassing the previous one, a 176-gram specimen collected in Moixent, Valencia, in 2015.

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Specifically, the egg has been found in Explotaciones La Rinconada, a company managed by Emilio M. Pérez, where free-range hens are raised in the wild, as indicated by the Extremaduran newspaper Hoy.

Despite the fact that this 47-year-old man collects hundreds of eggs every day on the farm of more than 2 hectares, the discovery of what has become the largest egg in Spain has surprised him: “It’s a size XXXXXXL”, Pérez indicates in statements to the same medium.

In fact, when collecting the egg, he went to weigh the specimen on a small scale where he checked the specific weight of the egg and that, with the naked eye, you can see that it is not just any egg, but one of 182 grams, which is three times more than a medium egg.

To get an idea, a large egg, corresponding to size L, weighs between 63 and 73 grams. From that weight, they would become size XL eggs. In addition, in terms of its dimensions, it measures 11 centimeters high and 19 centimeters wide.

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