An email from Steve Jobs reveals problems with an Amazon app

The investigation into the dominance of technology companies has not given Apple a truce, which is being investigated mainly on its policies on control and rates on the App Store. After a controversial hearing in which company CEO Tim Cook spoke on behalf of the company and the subsequent accusations from apps like Telegram, this chapter has many more arguments before it ends.

As part of the same investigation, A series of emails have come to light revealing why users can’t buy Kindle books on iOS. The information shared by appleinsider, evidences the discussions that led to restrictions on the purchase of digital books from third-party platforms such as Amazon, from Apple devices.

Apple continues to respond to its policies on the App Store

The mails show communication between then Apple CEO Steve Jobs and several Apple executives about a commercial featuring the Amazon Kindle’s cross-platform capabilities. In the first of the emails, Apple’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and App Store Phil Schiller wrote to Jobs:

“While the main message is that there are Kindle applications on many mobile devices, the secondary message… is that it is easy to switch from iPhone to Android. It’s not fun to watch it. “

In response, Jobs wrote:

“It is time for [Amazon] decide to use our payment mechanism or resign. And I think it’s time to start applying it evenly, except for existing subscriptions. ”

Another message featured a draft of Apple’s subscription policies around February 2011. Apple finally released subscriptions to the App Store that year, along with new rules that prompted Amazon and other booksellers to remove the option to purchase books in the app. According to Steve Jobs:

“I think this is all pretty simple: iBooks will be the only bookstore on iOS devices. We need to keep our heads up. One can read books bought elsewhere, simply not buy / rent / subscribe from iOS without paying us, which we recognize is prohibitive for many things. ”

Although at the time these policies affected Amazon, as one of the largest e-book merchants, Other apps for the same purposes have also denounced Apple for its policies.

During Wednesday’s hearing, authorities question Cook about why a Random House app was blocked from the App Store, alleging a strategy to force the publisher to join the iBooks platform. Cook replied that “there are many reasons to block an app in the App Store.”