An English footballer is fired after sharing a video drinking at the wheel

The British footballer Madeleine wright have you seen how your team, Charlton Athletic, has terminated his contract after sharing two videos on social networks that have generated enormous controversy in networks and fury in his already ex-team.

In the first of them, the 22-year-old footballer was seen inhaling balloons of unknown content, but the video that most ignited the Charlton board has been the second, in which she is seen Sipping champagne while driving his Range Rover.

However, these images that she herself shared on social networks, have not been the first controversy in which Wright is involved, after publishing a while ago a video of him with his dog holding the steering wheel of the car while it was in motion.

“As a club, we are disappointed with behavior that does not represent the standards that the team adheres to“explains Charlton in a statement.” The player she is sorry and has already left the club. Charlton wants to clarify that although the behavior is not acceptable, the well-being of the players is important to us and they will have access to the club’s support channels if they need it “, they add.

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