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They had detected it years ago, but did not realize the peculiarity.

Do not miss any data, or dismiss any investigation. Anywhere there can be a surprise or a curious fact that can impress anyone. This is what happened to the researchers in charge of the space observatory Kepler. The second exoplanet that they discovered identified as KOI-5Ab, it was astonishingly curious, and until now it was revealed.

The exoplanet has the particularity that orbits over three massive stars. That is, it surrounds three suns in its process of translation. Scientists maintain that it is not a unique phenomenon in the universe, but it is certainly unusual.

KOI-5Ab was only the second planet to be discovered thanks to the Kepler tool. However, as more candidates appeared on his radar, he was left on a separate list, among potential planets outside our solar system for study.

Kepler, KOI-5Ab, and thousands more exoplanets

« KOI-5Ab was dropped because it was complicated and we had thousands of candidates. There were easier choices than this option. We were learning something new from Kepler every day, so ‘KOI’ was mostly forgotten, » said David Ciardi. , chief scientist at NASA’s Institute for Exoplanet Sciences, according to the space agency’s website.

The space telescope went into space in 2009 and closed operations in 2018. In total, it confirmed the existence of 2,394 exoplanets. In addition, it left data on another 2,366 possible candidates that have not been verified.

KOI-5Ab is unusual in that it orbits a star in a system with two other companion stars, circling in a plane that is not aligned with at least one of the stars. The arrangement calls into question how each member of this system formed from the same swirling clouds of gas and dust. « 

Because there are not as many examples of planets that are in the orbit of various stars, KOI-5Ab returns to the gaze of scientists. Astronomers will investigate how this planet was formed and understand how celestial bodies are created in the universe. This specific exoplanet has gaseous specifications similar to those of Jupiter or Saturn.

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