An expert in protocol notices the gesture that King Felipe VI has made more than once

Felipe VI puts his left hand to his stomach (Photo: YOUTUBE CONGRESO)

Felipe VI puts his left hand to his stomach (Photo: YOUTUBE CONGRESO)

It was a lively morning this Tuesday in the Congress of Deputies, a place where the authorities have celebrated the 40th anniversary of the failed coup on February 23, 1981.

An act presided over by King Felipe VI, who wanted to praise the figure of his father, Juan Carlos I, of whom he praised his “firmness and authority” so that “democracy would triumph” the night in which Tejero and a group of Civil Guard put an entire country in check.

The current king of Spain has received the authorities in the now classic hand kissing where there has been everything, even a supposed rudeness of Pablo Echenique to Felipe VI.

The expert in protocol Patrycia Centeno he has noticed a curious gesture that the king has repeated on numerous occasions during the greeting to the guests at the event. On the occasion of the pandemic, the typical handshake has been changed to the act of touching the heart.

“I have been watching the act from the beginning and things have been worse: he has done all the ‘kissing’ with his hand on the other side of the heart,” he commented on Twitter.

Another of the most striking moments of this day has been led by the Vice President of the Government, Pablo Iglesias, who has given much to talk about by remaining impassive in his chair while the rest of the attendees applauded Felipe VI’s speech.


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