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The leader of the League aims to freeze the classification until the last day. This maneuver would give them the title and they know the formula to keep it. He Atlético de Madrid It has the champion’s tusk to get ahead and a house brand retreat, in which each and every one of the soldiers contributes and separates the rival from a hypothetical tie. Only in this way can Atleti proclaim itself the winner and the Seville, one of the toughest pitfalls of the championship, he experienced it in his own flesh at the Metropolitano.

The colchoneros did not dominate possession and lived in their area for 80% of the game. But there is no area in which the Cholo Simeone be more reassured to see your pupils, who form a wall for the moment impassable for a Seville meritorious, but that fell apart like a sugar every time he faced the goal of Oblak. Result, victory for the leader, which is even more so after his last work on the frigid night in the capital.

Atlético de Madrid and Seville They jumped onto the grass in the middle of a historic storm and the big news was, precisely, the remarkable state of the pitch. The operators of the rojiblanco team worked piecemeal to make this happen and good football, unlike in other fields of the weekend, did have real possibilities of being deployed in the Metropolitan.

Along the way, and before the meeting began, Simeone had already made striking decisions, but also recurring ones. Joao Felix, and it is ceasing to be a novelty, it was left out of an eleven that begins to have more and more fixed, among which is not the Portuguese artist, who needs more blood and intensity to convince Cholo again that he must be indisputable. Above, replacing the ‘7’, was the ’10’, Angel Correa, accompanying the matador Suárez against one of the best defenders in the League.

The defensive triangle formed by Koundé, Diego Carlos and Fernando It is one of Sevilla’s main arguments, if not the biggest, and Atlético would have to open its lock without, a priori, the most talented player on its squad. After a few minutes with some doubt, caused by the riding of Ocampos and In Neysri, Atlético loosed his hair moderately, and with the punch of the champion on his side, Correa was going to turn around to deliver the first blow to the light.

Koundé shakes the wall

The 1-0 was already at ease on the scoreboard and that means the favorite result of an Atlético who went on to fold up with 10 men, leaving only Luis Suarez in a first line, therefore, ineffective. Correa went down on the right almost to form a double side with Trippier and thus, with the team pushed by their own will towards their area, comfort rose hand in hand with the counterattack options, since Atleti always ended up imposing on Sevilla’s positional offensive. Lopetegui.

The battle against the cold was also postulated from the chessboard in which Simeone and Lopetegui they moved their pieces. Cholo defended with six and Julen was going to respond by releasing his most decisive player. Jules Kooundé he is exceeding all expectations and the descent of Fernando to the central position favored a line of three that, in turn, would produce two important occasions from the French defender’s boots.

A driving of Kooundé was to become assistance for En Neysri to notify a Oblak, as always, perfectly placed. Minutes later another Jules internment ended in the area with a death pass that he could not find a striker. Lopetegui had already turned the game around, but to defeat Atleti in the trench, something more is necessary.

In Neysri forgive; Saul no

The minutes passed without pause and the leader froze a notable rival until he reached the rival area, where inspiration was conspicuous by its absence before the thunder of a team that knows by heart the loopholes to win from the confinement, although it can, or must, be extreme.

A counter could end the game and despite the fact that the entire Atlético was meters and meters from the goal of Bond, this was going to happen. Saúl, one of the elements apparently inactive by the Cholo, he was going to take advantage of the ride of whoever took his position, the sturdy and effective Marcos Llorente, with a cross shot, bitten but unappealable, put an almost final 2-0 with only a quarter of an hour to play.

Atlético is made of ice, but even the best have cracks in theirs. That of the mattresses was opened with the temporary absence of Giménez – momentarily knocked out with a strong blow to the head – but In Neysri, with absolutely everything in favor, he missed the opportunity to close the gap. The Moroccan scored a hat-trick just three days ago, but the gunpowder got wet against the best defense in Europe, who won again with their sights set on the league title. Match by match. Fold back to fold. Victory to Victory.

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