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WASHINGTON.- The presidency of Donald trump delivered, in his epilogue, one last historical paradox: Trump will face his second impeachment trial, a constitutional mechanism designed to strip public officials of power, when you’ve left the White House and are a common citizen. « What’s the point? » Asked a Republican congresswoman during the debate before the vote in Congress. The answer is that the Democrats did not launch their new offensive – no investigation, no hearings, in just a handful of days – to remove Trump from the presidency, but to prevent him from returning: impeachment challenges Republicans to banish Trump from Washington, and, incidentally, leaves a political condemnation of his movement, Trumpism.

The last paragraph of the impeachment passed in the House of Representatives summarizes the final statement of the Democrats to the Trump presidency. For them, the most dire and dangerous in history. Says Trump is a « threat to national security, democracy and the constitution », and that their behavior is « incompatible » with the rule of law. In the end, in addition to dismissal, he asks be disqualified by the Senate from future office. That is, they ask that he is outlawed to be a presidential candidate in 2024.

What’s interesting about the Democrats’ move is that, this time, they got Republican support. A year ago, when the Democrats opened the impeachment for Ukrainegate, the Republicans closed ranks behind Trump. Nobody left him. This time, yes. Ten congressmen from the ruling party turned their backs on their president. The assault on the Capitol, described as a domestic terrorist attack on democracy, exposed the rift that Trump opened in the Republican Party.

No one will say it in front of a microphone, but there are republicans who never digested Trumpism who see in this new impeachment a window to try to extirpate Trump from Abraham Lincoln’s party. It’s a risky move, which can transform the crack into a total fracture.

The Republican leadership of the Capitol has already released the tycoon’s hand. After placing three judges on the Supreme Court, ten justices in the federal courts, and cutting taxes with Trump in the White House, now, in cut-off time and days of being in opposition, they are trying a limit. Senate leader Mitch McConnell, the most powerful Republican on Capitol Hill, who for four years shielded Trump from everything, this time gave a nod to the Democratic offensive, and ordered the media to leak that believes Trump deserves to be prosecuted, though only after I swear Joe biden. He won’t kick him out of the White House. And the Republican chairman of the House, Kevin McCarthy, another staunch Trump supporter, said in his speech on the lower house that Trump « bears responsibility » for the attack on Congress. Unpublished.

Trump’s political future is now in the hands of the Senate. The question is whether everything he did and said since the presidential election and the attack on Congress marked a watershed that leads enough Republicans to raise their hands to reach the 67 votes needed to convict Trump, and disqualify him so that he can. to be a candidate again. McConnell will let every senator vote conscientiously. Trump got 75 million votes just two months ago, and his base has anointed him with blind loyalty. Although everything is possible, a conviction appears as an unlikely scenario, especially if one takes into account that Trump can build his own political party, and leave the Republican Party empty.

Something is undeniable: impeachment will contaminate the change of government, and promises to further inflame a tense country that walks on kerosene, and whose capital was armored with 15,000 soldiers of the National Guard, twice the troops that the United States has in Iraq. and Afghanistan.

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