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Am I your fan, come back? A photograph of the actress Ana Claudia Talancón accompanied by several cast actors from the series opens up all the possibilities.

In the photograph published through his Instagram, Talancón is seen with Martín Altomaro, Johanna Murillo, Juan Pablo Medina, Verónica Langer, Marcela Guirado, and the creator of the series: Dolores Fonzi. The image was accompanied by the message “Coming soon”, without giving further details.

In addition, in the “stories” that the actress shared in her own account, she points out that she is already on the first day of the call.

At the end of 2019, Ana Claudia Talancón told El Universal that she was in talks to make a film for the series Soy Tu Fan, which was broadcast in 2010 through Canal Once.

According to the national newspaper, the protagonist who gave life to Charly in the plot, commented that she was trying to revive the project for 2020, although we know that due to the pandemic her planning may have been delayed.

“The project has not really died, I want you to know if it can revive I am your fan, we have talked about making a movie, the other time Constanza Novick, the writer, came and we are happy to be able to wake up the project possibly for 2020” Talancón.

Last May, several of the series’ actors got together to celebrate the 10th anniversary of its premiere in an online chat with fans of the drama.

Soy tu fan was broadcast from 2010 to 2011 and ran for two seasons, starring Ana Claudia Talancón and Martín Altomaro, and tells the story of how Nicolás manages to win Charly’s love and affection with effort and perseverance.

The series, based on an Argentine comedy created by Dolores Fonzi and Constanza Novick, had its premiere on Channel 11 and broke audience levels on public television.

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