Ana Roldán’s unexpected coughing attack while presenting the newscast: “Poor thing, what a bad time …”

The presenter of the second edition of the newscast, Ana Roldan, has suffered tonight an uncomfortable coughing attack live while presenting the news that has forced the director to give way to new information due to the impossibility of Roldán to continue speaking.

After the information about the elections in Venezuela this past Sunday, the presenter was preparing to give way to the following content, the news about Jesús Quintana, the Spaniard kidnapped in Colombia … but the cough has prevented it. “Sorry …”, he said Roldán while trying to resume his script. Finally, it has not been able to introduce the next news of the news.

The users of social networks who have witnessed the moment have expressed solidarity with the presenter of the newscast. “Poor thing, what a bad time… “, said a user of the Twitter network shortly after the incident. Others directly ironized the fact that the cough attack occurred after the information about Venezuela.” Whoever messes with the Venezuelan revolution dries up and it even gives him throat! “

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