Anastasia Kvitko dresses up! surprises the russian model

Known for some years as “The Russian Kim Kardashian” the model Anastasia Kvitko again left her admirers more than shocked, this thanks to a publication she made while wearing a ball gown, with which in addition to looking elegant she managed to look the most daring as she is always used to.

The beautiful Russian model manages to make her millions of fans sigh for her with each of her posts on Instagram, this time despite the fact that it was through said application Anastasia kvitko published in his stories this photograph.

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The model and businesswoman let her charms show with her dress that should be noted was a kind of gala garment, the neckline was heart, and the skirt was a kind of long asymmetric corset on one side in black, on the other it was a a little shorter was there where Anastasia Kvitko’s fans wore her shapely legs with dark stockings with a pattern that appears to be animal print.

An interesting detail that is missing is what seems to be a kind of brooch that reaches the waist and that adjusts to it, as if it had velcro, as for her hair, her hairstyle is a half tail, with some loose hair in front of her face, it should be remembered that the beautiful model and social media celebrity always likes to accompany any outfit she is wearing with some jewelry, in this case it was golden earrings.

Although it is not possible to distinguish perfectly by her stockings it seems that the “The Russian Kim Kardashian“He’s wearing bracelet sneakers, with some laces at the ankles.

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The photo session that the beautiful Anastasia Kvitko surely took seems to be that it was in a professional studio, behind her we find a gray screen that extends up to the floor, these types of details are made so that when taking a photo it is not appear shaded or “cut off”.

Surely in a few days he will share us through his Instagram some photographs of this interesting session, it will be something nice to see other angles of the clothing that he is wearing, for his millions of followers it is always a pleasure to be able to see it from any angle, although of course they are even more fascinated to see her with beach swimsuits than with more clothing.

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