Android 18 is drawn by Artificial Intelligence and the result is shocking

Android 18 never looked more realistic than in this illustration made by Artificial Intelligence. This Dragon Ball character, recreated in hundreds of images, drawings and cosplays, appears impressive again.

First appearing in manga volume 29 chapter 349 and Dragon Ball episode 133, the story of android number 18 It is well known to fans of the series, but it is always worth remembering.

He came to the Earth created by Dr. Gero in order to destroy Goku, but eventually joins the Z Fighters.

Android 18 eventually becomes Krillin’s wife and Marron’s mother.

Her beautiful and commanding appearance, with characteristic blonde hair, sarcastic humor, and combative spirit give way to the fandom that exists for her at the time of any Dragon Ball cosplay.

This is the image of Android 18 generated by Artificial Intelligence

In the image shared by the account planetnerds01 the portrait of Android 18 is shown, with his short blond hair and light blue eyes.

With her left hand she touches her hair, exposing her left ear.

In addition, she has the traditional uniform of the warrior, with a blue vest and striped sweater.

Although he does not explain what type of Artificial Intelligence he used to make this image, it is possible that it is Midjourney, one of the most popular.

“Who could have Android 18…”, writes the Instagram account that published the illustration. “We can say that Krillin is a lucky man. He suffered at the hands of Frieza… but was rewarded by fate by marrying the most beautiful character in Dragon Ball history… or is it Bulma?

Do you agree with planetnerds01 about whether Android 18 is the most beautiful character in Dragon Ball, or is it Bulma? Or some other?