Android 18 makes a sensual cosplay of Tsunade in this crossover between Dragon Ball Z and Naruto

Loa FanArts have proposed to try everything to be able to please the public that, as it sees publications on websites and social networks, asks for more and more. Now, in a kind of crossover, an illustrator dedicated himself to putting an animated character from Dragon Ball to cosplay a member of Naruto.

According to what we saw in a review of Spaghetti Code, Android Number 18 will have gone to a comic convention in her fictional universe and, to go unnoticed, she was visited by Tsunade. This is how this unprecedented cosplay that you had never seen was born.

Tsunade appeared in the Naruto manga for the first time in chapter 122, while in the anime she did so in episode 72. Masashi Kishimoto is the creator of the series, with the print edition by Shueisha and the manga direction by Hayato Date for Pierrot.

She is one of the strongest kunoichi, besides being the best medical ninja in the world, according to the specialized portal Naruto Wiki. His attitude is harsh with his peers, but he shows sympathy and sensitivity for others.

She has physical elements similar to Android Number 18 from Dragon Ball, such as blonde hair, as well as being one of the most recognized fighters in the series.

However, his explosiveness in combat is much greater. That is why, in a parallel universe, Krillin’s wife would be the admirer of the kunoichi.

At least that is what the Instagram account @Planeta_Dos_Sayajins, authors of this work that we present below, thinks.