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Anel Noreña, second wife of José José, and their children Jose Joel Y Marisol sosa made an appearance this Monday in a court in Mexico City to read the will that “The prince of the song” left years before his death on September 28, 2019. After the end of the appointment, the first-born of the The singer approached the media to detail that the content of the document favors them.

© @ anel_norenamx Anel Noreña is the universal heir of José José

“We are very happy, the will was read in a legal and juridical way, where Mrs. Ana Elena Noreña Grass remains as universal heir,” José Joel revealed to the press who gathered at the exit of the court. Similarly, Anel herself indicated that she is the beneficiary of all the assets.

In the same way, she expressed with a big smile that she felt very comfortable with the decision that generated a great controversy and family disputes: “Very happy, very grateful, and very happy, in desire and in comfort. José from heaven put his family above everything and everyone else ”.

Despite the fact that Sarita, the youngest daughter of the interpreter of Gavilán or Paloma, assured in a recent interview with the program Suelta la sopa (Telemundo) that her father would have left a will in the United States, which would supposedly invalidate the previous ones, Marysol Sosa He stressed: “Anel is a universal heir and there is no, literally, another testament.”

José Joel, Anel Noreña and Marysol Sosa© @ anel_norenamx This Monday, April 5, the will of José José was read in Mexico

For his part, José Joel affirmed that until now the Mexican authorities do not recognize the existence of another will, only the one that was read this Monday, April 5. “The story belongs to everyone, so keep looking, entertain yourself in what your album brings out,” emphasized the singer also.

With regard to the amount of this hereditary succession, Anuel responded with an ironic tone: “pure debts.”

Regarding the possibility of sharing this legacy with Sarita Sosa and her mother or about the future of the property in which they both live in Miami, Anel refused to affirm or deny the steps they will take legally with that property.

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